Through the generosity of donors and the commitment of IQHA to provide a scholarship program for our youth, the Iowa Quarter Horse Association is proud to announce IQHA Dollars For $cholars.

CLICK HERE for IQHA Dollars for $cholars Application.


  • Funding that has been received for IQHA Dollars For $cholars to bestow for that year shall be divided among eligible applicants, up to $500 per student.
  • Only those applicants who fulfill all the requirements towards receiving IQHA Dollars For $cholars will be considered for funding.
  • Applicant must show proof of enrollment in an accredited University, College or Trade School before funds will be awarded.
  • Upon notification of enrollment, the recipient’s check in the amount awarded will be made out to both the college and the recipient. It will be the recipient’s responsibility that the college receive the check, and co-signature is necessary for the check to be cashed.
  • Funds will be awarded no later than August 1st of the recipient’s graduating year.
  • Presentation of the IQHA Dollars For $cholars awards will be made at the annual awards banquet.
  • All applications and supporting material become the property of IQHA and cannot be returned.
  • The Iowa Quarter Horse Association shall implement and oversee all aspects of the IQHA Dollars For $cholars.

IQHYA Dollars For $cholars Applicant Requirements

IQHA Dollars For $cholars are earned on a point system. 50 points are required to be eligible for IQHA Dollars For $cholars. Point begin accumulating after application has been received by IQHYA Youth Advisor. The point system is as follows:

  • 5 points are earned for each IQHYA Officer position or IQHYA Delegate position.
  • 5 points are earned for being on the Youth World Show Team, World Show Judging Team, or Congress Team.
  • 5 points are earned for implementing and executing a fund raising activity.
  • 5 points are earned for every new IQHYA member recruited.
  • 1 point is earned for being an IQHYA member.
  • 1 point is earned for being an IQHYA Director.
  • 1 point is earned for participating in a fund raising activity

General Guidelines

  • Applicants must complete the IQHA Dollars For $cholars Youth Scholarship Application to be enrolled in the IQHA Dollars For $cholars program. Application shall be sent to the current Youth Advisor.
  • Once an applicant has enrolled in the IQHA Dollars For $cholars program, it is their responsibility to report each point earning activity to the Youth Advisor for recording. Some point earning activities may require verification. These points will be kept in a ledger under each applicant’s name on their application. Point accumulation may be checked at any time. If a youth earns their 50 points before they are a senior in high school, they must earn 10 points per year until the December 31 prior to their high school graduation date, to encourage continued participation in IQHYA.
  • The deadline to earn points towards IQHA Dollars For $cholars is December 31st of the year before graduation. If student is graduating in May 2005 deadline is December 31, 2004.
  • The applicant must have at least a 2.5 GPA cumulative high school average. The applicant must provide a transcript showing the most recent cumulative grade point average by December 31st of the year before graduation.
  • Individuals are eligible for only one year of funding.
  • Funds will be held no longer than one year after recipient year. If the funds cannot be issued to a recipient by August 1st of the year following graduation, those funds will be divided among the other recipients of that previous year.
  • If an applicant receives IQHA Dollars For $cholars, the student is required to write and send a thank you to the IQHA Dollars For $cholars Program (c/o IQHA) and any donors over $500 who make the funding possible for that year. The thank you letters must be sent, and copies of those letters turned in to the Youth Advisor, before funds will be paid out.

More Information

For more information contact:
Jennifer Horton
IQHYA Youth Advisor
21955 H Avenue, Grundy Center
IA 50638

(641) 869-3733