Program Description

Similar to the national program, our State-level Program will require participants to be IQHA/IQHYA members, and to pay a small enrollment fee. Riders will log the number of hours they spend riding, be they trail rides, lessons, parades, training, or other such activities. Competitive activities, such as horse shows, fairs, and competitive endurance riding, will not count. All breeds are welcome.

At the end of the year, awards will be given to the Youth and Adult riders in both the AQHA and Other Breed divisions who accumulate the most hours over the course of the year. Lifetime Benchmark awards will also be given when riders reach a certain number of hours.


To enroll, download the IQHA Membership Form and complete the required information. As a reminder, you must be an IQHA member to participate.


CLICK HERE for the 2019 Horseback Riding Program Rules.


Questions regarding the program may be directed to Brian Hamrick at or Holly Wilson at